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16.01.16 MiF

Hello guys, friends and knowns, infiltrate cybers, media, admirers or not so, this is it,  time for the house honors marking the date, for who will read it , share it with the missings of this cause, maybe, who knows, to remember that there were times that we talk to the puppet, but today we will celebrate together and beyond borders, thanks to a common denominator, the Internet.

After a sabbatical ten crazy years before this work, I decided this would be the ideal time to show you updates in the pipeline, but this time the corporate interests that alienate the albums, whose content rarely spreads entirely, can not and will not condition the premise that each single represent in my repertory, so we turn to the vinyl 45rpm generation, because presently the editorial plan in this industry only makes sense when each of the singles and their video-clips, meet and contribute themselves to the news continuously on social networks, where lives most of our attentive admirers, without the secretariat filters.

However, I have always supported my work of this started adventure since 1998, here and there, a little everywhere and wherever they wanted to hear me, rolling, adding and following until the machine collapse of rust, hands tied or behind closed doors prevent me to continuing.

This single climb others drawer out, a breathless urgency of announcing standing nozzles, as if confident to live up to the waiting time that was looking at me year after year and claimed to be first, to be you and me wherever we are united between stages and audiences, roads and other direction paths or mandatory stop.

It is also a banner in a pompous occasion to praise the disgusting way that the generalist channels TV exile us and feeds their lobbies in recent years, because today what is good is vastly improved and the worst stinks and rarely is consistent or adds value. Well there is the streaming and cable TV.

INTERNET RAISED THE TV BOY STAR, although a pun inspired by a London 70’s band (The Buggles) at that time, result of another demand among Video Vs Radio, is curiously a promotional stamp inversely adjective my condition as interpreter perhaps because I’ve never been a television product, as also never been tolerant what they produced there without any benefit to the public interest.

We live in the best phase of DO IT YOURSELF and I did it, yesterday avid, today mature as needed for another rope knot of loose ends, contributory in all valid causes, this inclusive, because it is the life I chose, my basic spectrum.

From bait we also learn the greatest lessons in inadvertent blunder, the hesitation to advance stopped, surrounded between when, how, where and with who  restart from a false end, the silence that resonates in us in repeated days, doubts that the haunt us the senses because you fear fails, the love inside or outside of any context, the relentless pursuit of a dull idea, marginal and bold, but here it is now, forever unfinished.

Now I got to go, I have an appointment with some complices of this journey and you are included, but I still want to brush up my pride and undress the clothes of caveman, that this made tattooed on me temporarily in recent months, when mentally distant, when not always present in the other side of this coin.

Rui Sa Jr